Oh Carolina

This Is the song our "Oh Carolina" dress is named after! Such a good song! It was written back in 1958  by John Folkes, and performed by his Trio, The Folkes Brothers. It's about his girlfriend who was actually named Noelena. Have a listen down here vvv

Oh Carolina, by The Folkes Brothers

Early reggae doesn't get the attention it deserves. We love early reggae because it's so rock and roll!!! That's why we named a dress after this classic!! Another great song you should check out is The Israelites, by Desmond Dekker. (The 1968 version is the best)

The "Oh Carolina" dress, by Happy Yellow Dress

The "Oh Carolina" dress, by Happy Yellow Dress

That's this week's post! As always, Feel free to send us any old Rock and Roll songs that inspire you, or any old obscure rock and roll songs that you think we should know about! You can send us an email,  or leave us a comment in the comments section below.  We'd love to do a post on your fave old rock and roll artists!!