Happy Yellow Dress is a line of women's clothing, inspired by classic vintage and based in beautiful British Columbia. Happy Yellow Dress was born out of the designer's desire to free west coast women of the dreaded athleisure curse!. You can learn more about the designer, Debbie Murray, down there  v v v

"I was born in beautiful Victoria British Columbia. At age 3 my fam moved to Courtenay BC where I spent my formative years. It was sooooo small and boring, I couldn't wait to graduate high school and get the fuh out of Dodge. Those boring angsty years were spent exploring/adventuring in the woods with friends, reading lots of very old books, watching tons of classic movies with my dad, and doing lots of sewing and crafty things with my mom. Oh yeah... and helping raise a bunch of siblings :p 

As soon as I graduated highschool I moved back to Victoria for a few years where I tried, (TRIED) to go to school for criminal justice, however without a mom to get me out of bed in the morning, I would constantly (intentionally) miss my bus and not make it to class. I think I did one final, then decided to move to Vancouver instead. After working in retail for many years to pay for my travel addiction, (which has brought me to places like Jordan, China, Scotland, Israel etc). I finally decided it was time to make something of myself.

I had recently been in Los Angeles, and was feeling particularly insecure in a super-hip boutique full of ultra glamorous hollywood types, when a gal commented on how much she liked a top I was wearing. It happened to be one I had designed and made for myself, so with that mini ego boost at just the right time in my life, I decided my sewing skills would be the thing to propel me into the making something of myself. I started out doing custom bridesmaid dresses, but one thing led to another, and Happy Yellow Dress was born. Almost 8 years later, and Happy Yellow Dress is still alive and kicking!

I have since met the perfect man, gotten hitched, and look forward to more business growth, more travel, and then starting a family with my dreamboat. To be continued..."


 Happy dresses for happy people. Boys will whistle.