Happy Yellow Dress is a line of women's clothing, inspired by classic vintage based in beautiful British Columbia.

Designer Debbie Murray spent her childhood doing many things she loved, including sewing with her Mom, and watching classic movies with her Dad. Fast forward to 2011. Debbie took her love of all things pretty, mixed it with her desire to create, and Happy Yellow Dress was born.

Inspired by the classic movie fashions, Debbie has brought that femininity back to fashion and happily freed west coast women from Gore-Tex and lycra.

All of our clothing is named after rock and roll songs from the 50's and 60's. Check out our blog, where we share these songs with you, as well as other old songs we think you’d love! Do you have an old song or obscure track that you think we should know about? Feel free to send it our way. We'd love to do a post on what turns your crank ;)


 Happy dresses for happy people. Boys will whistle.